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Digital Banking

We got to work on building and implementing a market-first PCMoney debit account for PCfinancial Canada. The scope included end-to-end consulting such as delivery management, enterprise platform development, testing and go live readiness management. Learn more

Human Performance  

We redesigned human performance management for organizations. It led to uncovering people problems faster, enabling teams to be proactive, saving an organization thousands, potentially even millions over the span of a year. Learn more

Covid 19 - Mental & Physical Well-Being  

We developed a mental and physical well-being service for high-performing product, technical development and delivery teams working remotely. Learn more

International Remittance   

We implemented an innovative marketplace for Toronto Dominion bank customers to send international money transfers in more ways to more places. Learn more

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product design & delivery | business design | 

human performance | behavioural analysis  


When global features fail locally. 

Uber / Asia 


We were doing field work in Indonesia, where the app has its detractors and advocates. Research indicated, that many customers had to repeatability guide the driver to a predetermined  location, and in some instances had to indicate where there wanted to go in the first place. 


We focused on understanding the root cause of why the map function and the pre-determined location address was not being used by the driver. In this case, variables such as interface language, regional pre knowledge and lack of experience in using a GPS were some of the root causes.  This is just one example of our humanization services program. We would be glad to share our learning and show you our in depth approach – Reach out.

Ralph Monteath
Heading Experience 

How to create the ultimate dining experience.  
Yelp / Tokyo 


Even with a Michelin star rating, a restaurant listed on yelp will have plenty of feedback.


We ideated on developing a powerful interface between the customer and the real office (the kitchen). In our analysis, we analyzed and compartmentalized how affectively feedback was being responded to by the restaurant. The area that everyone focused on was customer service – it got the most attention. We took a different approach, we focused on designing an interface to isolate feedback about the meal (i..e taste, portion, flavour). We then traversed this data directly to the kitchen in real time – this was where the magic began. We have a few early prototypes designs to show, but deeper insight to share – Reach out.


What is perception capture. 

Salesforce / Global 


We are all familiar with the sales funnel and tracking tools that are perpetually optimized to help close sales. With a product like force.com, we wanted to move towards a different direction in predictive analysis – the idea of perception capture.  


What if you as a sales person or team could capture the emotional nuances during the actual sales engagement i.e. the pitch, the discussion, the call etc. This is where speech recognition, artificial narrow intelligence and visualization intersect. We are ideating and designing the interfaces for this capability.  We can share the conceptual ideas, potentially triggering a new story line for your product – Reach out.

Myron Luis 
Heading Product 

Re-positioning authority, creating velocity.

Accenture / America  


Majority of fortune 500 companies have an organizational form that is inherently a static pyramid. It’s one dynamic aspect is its yearly reclassified of resources i.e. change in rank and accountability. This we believe can be problematic, for companies interested in centering expertise around a problem, maximizing velocity and reinforcing integrators.  


We challenged this form. What if new theaters of engagement could be created for each critical product, project or problem. Let’s take the example of executive authority, we repositioned this level of authority to the most forward engaged individual, deep in the project theater. The results demonstrated a speed to action and velocity that beat other teams with the similar volume of work in a controlled group. To learn more about how this approach grew – Reach out.


Camouflaging snobbery. 

American Express / Global   


American express for decades, has essentially sold snob appeal. Millennials don’t think that snobbery is appealing. Snobbery for this generation is camouflaged in an Instagram post from a trip to Japan.       


We believe, snobbery should be repositioned as an action for personal growth and social cultivation (climbing the social ladder). This means an assortment of meaningful events that are highly curated for the client to select from. The gold card is meaningless if the value cannot be shared with their peers groups, but more importantly getting them to roll up to a higher experience class. Learn a little more about how we approached this challenge - Reach out.     


Journalism in the messenger ecosystem. 

NewYork Times / Global   


Complex coordination if done right, creates a single action with big impact. This is the strategy we developed to rethink journalism in a messenger ecosystem i.e. Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp

Our approach in product development has always focused on correcting assumptions and driving consistency.  This is a new endeavor, so for the time being consider using our strategy as a starting point for your idea. 

Removing the Block & Chain   

Ethereum / Global   


That’s just it. We are strategizing communication approaches to un-block and un-chain the fundamental knowledge and executable methods that are understood by a few individuals in the technology arena. 

Our focus is Oil & Gas.  


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